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WASP Wildfire Protection Full Kit

WASP Wildfire Protection Full Kit

Save Your Home in a Wildfire

The WASP Wildfire Protection Kit uses our Patented Gutter Mount Sprinkler System. It gets water to the home’s roof and surrounding areas, where it’s needed most during wildfire emergencies. Homeowners can now purchase the gutter mount sprinkler system online, which had previously only been available to the firefighting community.


  • Easy to install
  • Sets up in minutes, no tools required
  • Sprinklers cover a 30ft radius. two sprinklers will fully cover most homes
  • Sprinklers are adjustable to cover most roof pitches
  • Used by fire departments across North America
  • Includes 2 brackets for installation on homes without gutters
  • FREE SHIPPING in the US & Canada
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